Thanks for dropping by. Pull up a chair in front of the fire and enjoy a glass of the finest red wine in my cellar.

Should that not be enough for your discerning taste, feel free to move into the study and read Muriel's latest blog. Being the Patron Saint of Virgins and a terrible gossip anyway, she always has a tale to tell.

In the gallery you can view my collection of desirable and inspirational males. Take your wine with you but be careful not to spill it on the cream carpeting.

Should you be curious about your hostess, you can wander into the garden and chat a little with Mary Hausen.

The library is full of books I've read, books I've written and books I hope to finish eventually. I hope you find something of interest.
Please note that most books reviewed as well as all books written by myself are only suitable for people over the age of 18 years.

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